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Developments such as iOS 14 and the post-cookie era are keeping the advertising world busy while Profital remains a highly efficient crowd puller.

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Challenges for advertisers

In spring 2021, Apple implemented enhanced privacy features with the iOS 14.5 operating system. The aim is to better protect the privacy of users. As soon as apps are opened for the first time, consumers are asked to approve tracking. Because more than 80% of iPhone users deny this request, the data base for advertisers decreases and with it the marketing effectiveness.

It is also becoming increasingly difficult on the web. When visiting websites in Switzerland, you will be informed that cookies and similar technologies are being used. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Germany, for example, goes much further and requires the active consent of website visitors. But that's not all, from 2023, Google also wants to completely dispense with cookies in its own Chrome browser (worldwide market share: 67% of web browsers). Although approaches and plans for the post-cookie era exist, this change primarily means less measurability and higher costs.

A smaller data base has a direct impact on advertising campaigns. The return on advertising spend (ROAS) decreases with limited targeting options because companies no longer reach their target group in such a focused and personalised way. The generally more effective retargeting campaigns also reach a smaller user base due to a lack of tracking permission. 

Profital’s success factor: Pull marketing 

The changes in the advertising world have no impact on Profital’s drive-to-store campaigns. Profital users do not regard the brochures shown as advertising, but as valuable content. This is reflected in both contact quantity (CTRs of up to 15%) and contact quality (reading rates of the advertising material of over 50% and average dwell time of 79 seconds per brochure). Thanks to the click-based billing model, having a presence on Profital is completely free of charge for advertisers. Costs are only incurred when consumers proactively take an interest in a brochure and click on it while planning their purchases. This means that it is not socio-demographic, contextual or other characteristics that determine who views the advertising, but the users themselves. 

On Profital, retailers and brand manufacturers reach a shopping-savvy target group entirely without coverage waste - thanks to the best targeting in the world.

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