Measure campaign success

Use Profital to measure the impact that advertising has on your campaigns via click evaluations, store visit tracking and market research.

High measurability of the advertising impact

Your advertising on Profital: Guaranteed to be effective! How do we know? Your campaigns are monitored and optimised daily. We provide you with reports with comprehensive analyses throughout the course of the campaign and the day. This includes the following KPIs:

  • Page impressions

  • Clicks

  • Clickouts (clicks in the online shop)

  • Dwell time

  • Access source

Additionally: With the integration of a tracking pixel, you can also measure the KPIs in your tracking tool.

Measure store visits

Would you like to know how many brochure readers visit your branch? With Store Visit Tracking, Profital measures the offline conversion of your campaign. A virtual radius around the POI (geofence) is created using GPS coordinates. The geofence is branch-specific and is manually checked by Profital's campaign management team.

This is how it works:

  1. Someone clicks on your brochure

  2. Someone enters your branch

  3. The individual is tracked anonymously

Additionally: The campaign's sales contribution can also be calculated based on receipts.

                Graphic representation of a shop and its geofence
Geofence around a branch: People who have read the prospectus and are in the Geofence during a specific period are recorded.

Market research for even more insights

Do you want to obtain further information about your target group? We ask the digital readers of your brochure about how they find out information, how they plan their shopping planning and their consumer behaviour.

  • Full Service: Design, implementation and evaluation of the survey

  • Minimal incentive for survey participation (e.g. raffle of shopping vouchers)

Still have questions?

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Juan-Pablo Schmid

Head of Retail Advertising Switzerland

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