Success Story Qualipet

How Qualipet reaches its target group and minimises coverage waste thanks to Profital's pull-based approach.

1.9 Million



new Qualipet subscribers

64 sec

dwell time in the digital brochure

Qualipet complements the physical distribution of its brochures with the digital brochure on Profital. Thanks to Profital's pull-based approach, the pet supplies retailer reaches its desired target group and minimises coverage waste.

The goals of the three-week campaign are:

  • Targeting people with pets

  • Generating high-quality contacts

«On Profital, we reach people who are interested in our products in a very targeted way. In addition, our subscribers automatically receive a push notification when we put a new ad on Profital.»

Julia Herz, Qualipet Digital AG Manager

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Juan-Pablo Schmid

Head of Sales

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