Attract new customers with product samples.

WHY SAMPLING Your benefits



Make your product known to new consumers



Customers order their sample delivered directly to their home



You only pay per sample ordered



With a sample you encourage consumers to buy



We take care of everything - without any effort for you

This is how it works

With Profital, consumers order their sample delivered directly to their home. In this way, you reach high-quality trial contacts without coverage waste, with minimal effort and guaranteed success for your brand.

With the sampling solution, you are placed in a high-affinity advertising environment of the Swiss retail by using Profital. In the offer overview of the Profital app, you draw attention to your product through an advertisement.

Interested users can order their product sample to their home with just a few clicks. In this way, your trial package, consisting of sample and accompanying letter, ensures an effective brand experience. The cover letter also enables the customer journey to be continued, for example, by redeeming a coupon in the shop or taking part in a competition.

The setup is simple: you just provide the trial package and we take care of the order processing and shipping.

                    Narimpex ad in Profital app

SUCCESS STORY How Narimpex generates awareness

The sampling campaign on Profital increases product awareness of QUIX and generates trial contacts.

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Juan-Pablo Schmid

Head of Sales

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